Demonstration in solidarity with migrants: Saturday 18 April, 2 pm Place Neuve, Geneva

On March 30th, the Conseil d’Etat revoked an order to deport Ayop, an asylum seeker whose request for asylum had been refused, victim of the fire in the Tattes in Vernier last November. His deportation was prevented thanks to a wide mobilization. However, the general conditions of everyday life for asylum seekers remains deplorable, and Switzerland continues to deport 700 people every year – two persons every day.
For several months, asylum seekers lodged in civil defense facilities have been demanding an improvement in their living conditions. Two months ago, Hospice Général promised to do something, but nothing has transpired. It is particularly shocking that neon lights are still left on all night long, making normal sleep impossible. Prolonged exposure to light which prevents sleep is a common practice in prisons in many countries.
The Swiss “Welcome”
Although there are fewer asylum requests than in the 1990’s, cantonal governments have closed many centers, resulting in very limited means for the proper accommodation of asylum seekers. Those responsible have a clear strategy: migrants are to be treated as criminals in order to discourage them from staying. A maximum must be refused. This strategy of neglect is what lies behind the fire at the Tattes which caused one death and dozens of injuries, some very serious. Several other overcrowded and rundown centers have also experienced fires. Demanding that authorities close all their underground facilities does not mean that the unhealthy conditions in these centers are acceptable.
Stop to Brenez 2
Last year, the news came out about family cells planned for a new annex to Champ-Dollon prison – Brenez 2. Now, there are plans to transform the building into a detention center for illegal migrants in 2018. It is not acceptable for the Swiss state to hold migrants in this manner. We are firmly opposed to the establishment of this center and will do all we can to prevent it.
Join us on 18 April at 2 pm at Place Neuve and take a stand with us. Ayop is free – better things are in the making.

In favor of closing the underground centers
Against the creation of detention centers
For a world without borders
Papers for all or no papers at all !


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