Newsletter 18th of June 2015

Continuing the struggle to close the bunkers [underground shelter], and to obtain better living conditions for Asylum seekers, we want to summarize the recent events that have taken place in Geneva.

On Friday 12th of June 2015, the Hospice general opened a new bunker on rue Gabelle, in Carouge. About 30 people from Stop Bunkers and numerous allies attended a presentation by M. Girod, director of the Hospice general, Daniel Scheiwiller, responsible for housing, other colleagues responsible for management of the bunkers, and members of the city council of Carouge.

During this presentation it became very evident that the Hospice general did not want to talk about finding a solution for this unacceptable situation that has been publicly denounced for nearly 6 months. Monday the 15th of June, the Hospice general poured petrol on the fire by beginning forced transfers of residents of the Foyer des Tattes to the bunkers, with no regard for the state of health of the concerned people or for the fact that Ramadan would begin in 3 days and that it is impossible to observe it properly in the bunkers. M. Girod did not deny that conditions in the bunkers are inhumane, but insisted again that he had no other choice. We also learned later that two other bunkers would be opened during the summer.

Since the transfers started, the people concerned have expressed their refusal to be buried underground. They were joined by their supporters from Geneva in the courtyard of the Foyer des Tattes on Monday 13th of June 2015.

After a day of protest and the evacuation of the protesters by the police, about 300 people marched into the city before occupying a room in the Théâtre du Grütli to spend the night. That room is still occupied today, and each night demonstrations uniting hundreds of migrants and allies have roamed the city. The movement “No Bunkers – collective of occupation of the Grütli” was born: we invite you to join us every day at 8AM and 6PM at the square behind the theater. We also invite your financial and material support (bedding, food, and drinks). For more information about the developments of the past few days, see:

Tuesday June 16th, the state councilor –Mauro Poggia, responsible for social affaires–, received a delegation from the movement’s different member groups. He confirmed that 90 people would be transferred in the following days from the Foyer des Tattes to the bunkers. According to Poggia, no other solution is foreseeable at present, or before December 2015.

There will be meetings every morning at 8AM and every evening at 6PM at the Grütli to continue the struggle.


You can sign the manifesto of the collective of occupation of the Grütli (attached to this mail), distribute it, and bring it to us.

A major demonstration of support for the movement is planned this Saturday, starting at 4PM at the Grütli. Join us, and bring your friends and families!

You can also share this information on facebook:

The struggle continues!



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